Recently I went down to the UEFA Champions Festival and in the Discover Ford area, they had Ken Block's Rally car. I guess you are probably thinking, who is Ken Block? Well, basically he's a rally driver who likes to sharpen his skills by taking part in a thing called Gymkhana. Now, you're probably wondering, what is Gymkhana? Well, Gymkhana is basically an event that take place in a large abandoned area (usually a car park or an airfield) that has loads of obstacles for the driver to drift around. It's not that common, but through YouTube, Ken Block has made it famous again, with more than 10 Million hits on his Gymkhana videos. I don't think anyone can really challenge Ken Block.

And so, here is my favourite Ken Block Gymkhana video.  

I just want to say in advance that I don't own this clip in any way. No copyright infringement intended.

 And with that out of the way, please enjoy. If you like this clip, feel free to check out Ken Block's other Gymkhana videos.