I first saw this car in an old episode of Top Gear that I watching. The video clip below shows how amazing this car is on the track. It is very, very fast. How fast? It can do 60mph in 2.5 seconds. Just thought I'd put that out there :) With the body being made by Carbon Fibre, this car is also very light. About the weight of a Ford Fiesta. I could talk all day about specs, but lets talk about how the car looks. This car is a monster. It somewhat resembles a snake. I love how Lamborghini have given this car a diamond like design by giving it a load of sharp edges. It is just great. So, if you have a couple of million pounds to spend, heres an idea :) Why so expensive, Lamborghini?

PS: I don't own this video clip in any way. No copyright infringement intended. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and appreciate how awesome this supercar is!

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