A few weeks ago, I've started eating Porridge (or Oatmeal as the Americans call it) in the mornings. Why eat that horrible 'Gruel' you say? Well in this post I'm gonna change your mind about Porridge and give you some good suggestions as to how to make and serve your Porridge. 

What makes Porridge so good?
Porridge contains things that help you have a sharper brain, lower cholesterol levels and lose weight. Oats also are good for the Heart and they even scour Artery walls! 

What Porridge should I get?
I use Flahavans Irish Porridge Oats (similar to the picture above). They are a great quality Oat and not too expensive either. It is less processed than most oats (such as rolled jumbo oats, for example) and therefore tastes much nicer. 

How to make Porridge
Making Porridge is pretty simple. All you need is a boiling pan, 1 cup of porridge oats, 2 cups of milk (or water), some sugar and some salt. Start off by putting the 2 cups of milk and the 1 cup of Porridge oats into the boiling pan, stir and put it on a medium - low heat. Bring to the boil (while you are waiting for it to boil, its a good idea to add a few teaspoons of sugar and a pinch of salt). I also like to crumble up some Weetabix and mix that in, as it gives a nice taste. When it has boiled, bring to a low heat and simmer for 3 - 4 minutes. Pour it into your bowl and there you go, a nice bowl of Porridge! Top off with some nuts or a drizzle of Honey if you feel like it. Simple isn't it?

So, for those of you that thought Porridge was a useless food that just filled you up and tasted disgusting, I hope I have changed your mind. Hope you enjoyed it!

The Buzz

It seems smartphone giant Samsung has either ran out of ideas or they have come up with a cunning PR stunt. Samsung started a competition which lets the public decide how their new flexible display shall be used. Of course, there is a cash prize. The only downside is that you have to be living in USA or Columbia to enter. Heres the link to the