What is up guys? 

So, I've been busy lately. I got in touch with Nokia and they will be sending me the Nokia Lumia 1020 and 920 to review soon. It might take a while, but they said that as soon as there are units available, they will send them to me to review. I really look forward seeing these amazing phones, and showing you guys what I think of them, and I want to thank Nokia for agreeing to sending me the phones. Of course, the review will be posted in Tech Corner, so keep an eye out for it in the next few weeks. 

Stay awesome,

What's up guys? Sorry, its been a while. I've just got back to school recently and they piled on the exams and the homework straight away, so I've been trying to get a chance to write a post, and today has been quite chilled, so why not? I'm not happy with posting so inconsistently like I have been recently, so I'm coming up with what days and how often I will post, so you guys can count on me to post on these days. 
Went to Pizza Express today. I started the evening off with a lovely San Pellegrino Blood Orange drink, and it was nice and sweet. I think I prefer it over the San Pellegrino Lemon. 

Being vegetarian limited my choice a bit, but I went for the Pomodoro Pesto Leggera Romano Pizza. It is basically a Pesto Pizza on a thin base with a hole cut in the middle filled with lovely salad. It was a great choice. 

For dessert, I got a lovely Gelato Sundae with Chocolate sauce. It was great and better than most Sundaes I've had. It was a great way to end the meal.

So, hope you guys stay awesome!