I took some time to think about the future of THE BUZZ and I guess I can't keep posting randomly.  So, I've decided how often I will be posting blog posts. Here's the days I will start posting from now: Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. These are the days I will DEFINITELY be making a post on my Blog, but I will also be posting on any other days if I feel like it. This is an exciting new chapter for THE BUZZ and I'm hoping you guys are happy about the schedule!

Phew, that's the official stuff done :) 
I've not done much today, I just got back from School, but thankfully the Exam's are over and its time to chill... Actually, not having done much today gives me a good opportunity to talk about Sushi. I recently started loving Sushi. I just love how simple and delicious it is. I know some people have think "What's so nice about seaweed and raw fish?", and I had the same attitude until recently, but sometimes, its the simple things that taste the best. Plus, it's so much more than seaweed and raw fish :) Enough talking, please just enjoy this lovely picture of my plate of Sushi the other day... If you like or hate Sushi, feel free to let me know in the comments.

Peace out!
I don't think I've ever reviewed a Pen before...Oh well, there's a first time for everything :)

The reason I chose to review this Pen was because it is, to put it very simply, great. So, this Pen is the Lamy Safari. I love how sleek in design it is. It's made out of ABS Plastic which makes it nice and light to carry around with you. Lamy have done what many can't do, and that is the fact that they made something out of Plastic that doesn't feel cheap. The Pen actually feels very premium in the hand. I've owned (cheap) Fountain Pens in the past, and they irritate me, to say the least. This is due to the fact that they always leaked and were generally problematic and annoying. The Lamy is different. It very rarely leaks and is so easy to use. This Pen also writes fantastically. I have been using it to make notes, and, even though I tend to write very fast, the Lamy writes well and smoothly. Also, in comparison to most Fountain Pen Inks, the Lamy Ink seems to dry fairly quicker. All in all, the Lamy is a great Pen and is fairly cheap for a Pen of its Quality (£5 - £10). Please enjoy the nice picture of my Matte Black Lamy below...

Hey guys,

I took some time out today to relax and sit down while drinking a nice cup of Darjeeling.  I've been revising a lot for exams, and it is easy to get stressed out by revision, so a cup of Tea is exactly what I needed to rejuvenate. Darjeeling is a great Tea, it is very delicate in taste. As you take a sip, the first flavours you get are fairly herbal and floral, and just before you swallow, you get a nice little 'shot' of sweetness. Overall, one of my favourite Teas. 

Also, Nokia hasn't got in touch with me about the Lumia's for review yet, but I'm hoping after Christmas they will send me a Phone. Thats about it folks, hope you are all doing great!