Hey guys, apologies for not posting lately. I've been procrastinating for ages to make another post, but now I'm glad I have. I've been really busy with School, so its been hard. That said, hello again :)

You have probably noticed by now that the blog has a new look, thats because it has. I like this new theme and I chose some great new fonts. It feels like the Blog has a new and fresh vibe, and thats great. Please give me some feedback on the the new feel of the Blog. 

So, on to the main topic. I ordered a Penny (style) Board a few days ago and it arrived today. Penny Boards are pretty expensive (£80 rrp) so I looked around and found this great Penny Style Board for a considerably cheaper price. 
Lets start off with Packaging. Its nice and simple, as you can see there is an outline of the Board and a small circular window that exposes the logo of the Board.Overall, I like it, its simple and effective. 

Ok, so these boards are mine and my brothers. Mine is the one on top (White deck with Yellow wheels). It looks visually very nice and minimalist. The deck is plastic with a 'Honeycomb' grip, which makes it different from normal Skateboards that have Grip Tape. The wheels are fairly soft plastic, giving the board the ability to turn very sharply. 

Moving on to how it feels, which of course is the most important part of this review. This board is amazingly smooth, fast and light. It is just so easy to ride, you can push off and cruise for a long time. As I mentioned before, it is capable of turning well. When turning, the board feels very different to my Skateboard (that I had to loosen the trucks of so I could turn easier) in the way that it is very stable but turns when you apply some pressure on the wheels by leaning. Whereas, my Skateboard was harder to manoeuvre and felt less stable. The board does take some getting used to due to its size. It is 22" long and 6" wide. On my first ride on the Board, I placed my foot too far back because I was used to the length of a standard Skateboard. Overall, this is a great Board. It is fun to ride and addictive. I really recommend this and I hope to use it a lot to get around. 

So its time to wrap up this Blog post. I hope you are all fine and I hope to publish posts more regularly now. 



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