Hows it going guys? So, last night I went to Ikea with my family to pick up some stuff. I remember, as a kid, I would always hate going and bug my parents to leave quickly. This time was different. Ikea has so many nice things for pretty cheap prices. Its one of those shops where you go in and want to buy everything :) I love how many minimalist things they have. I'm hoping to get this nice desk for my room, as my current one is falling apart. I bought a nice Mug and a (well needed) Desk Lamp. I will probably write about the Mug on TeaTime, so make sure to check it out soon. I also like the Desk Lamp I bought, basically my criteria for finding which Desk Lamp to buy was whichever one looked most like the Lamp in the Pixar intro :) So, hope you guys are all good. Stay safe,



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