What's up guys? Sorry, its been a while. I've just got back to school recently and they piled on the exams and the homework straight away, so I've been trying to get a chance to write a post, and today has been quite chilled, so why not? I'm not happy with posting so inconsistently like I have been recently, so I'm coming up with what days and how often I will post, so you guys can count on me to post on these days. 
Went to Pizza Express today. I started the evening off with a lovely San Pellegrino Blood Orange drink, and it was nice and sweet. I think I prefer it over the San Pellegrino Lemon. 

Being vegetarian limited my choice a bit, but I went for the Pomodoro Pesto Leggera Romano Pizza. It is basically a Pesto Pizza on a thin base with a hole cut in the middle filled with lovely salad. It was a great choice. 

For dessert, I got a lovely Gelato Sundae with Chocolate sauce. It was great and better than most Sundaes I've had. It was a great way to end the meal.

So, hope you guys stay awesome!



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