Whats up guys? Todays been a pretty chilled day. I just enjoyed a nice Latte made with a Nespresso Latissima + Machine. Its a great machine, and makes consistent Barista quality Coffee. The thing thats great about Nespresso is that, unlike many other cheaper Coffee Machines, all it takes to make a great Coffee is putting the Pod in the machine and pressing the button to choose the Coffee you desire. Also, Nespresso really looks after you. If anything happens to your Machine while it is still under guarantee, all you need to do is send Nespresso your Machine. Whilst they repair it, they provide you with a temporary Machine so you can still enjoy Coffee when your Machine is being fixed. I guess the only downside is the price. Im not sure the full price (because my Dad received the Machine as a gift) but I think its about £400. I guess if you are really intent about getting a Coffee Machine that does it all for you, you would pay the premium price. That being said, it is worth every penny. My favourite Nespresso Pod is definitely Dulsao Brazil, its a nice Pod made with Brazillian Coffee Beans and is milder than most other Nespresso Pods. Ok, so time to wrap up todays Blog. Hope everythings ok!




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