Hey guys, hope you are all alright. Todays been tiring, so I've been looking forward to getting home, sitting down with a nice cup of Tea and writing this post. I checked the Stats on my website today, and the visitors have been considerably higher than previous days, so I want to thank you guys for visiting, and please do visit again as it is your views and comments that keep me going! Also, this site is for you guys, so give me some feedback if you like. 

So I spent some more time Penny Boarding this morning, and I'm getting more used to the Board. It just feels so easy to ride and the thing turns corners so comfortably and easily. Just loving it, a great thing to ride around when you are bored. How did you guys like my Board colour? Let me know in the comments. Ok, so time to wrap up this Blog. Hope you are all good and stay safe,



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