When Apple announced iOS 7, I was ecstatic. There are a few new features like iTunes Radio, AirDrop and Control centre, which all look really good. They have also made iOS 7 look visually different to the previous iOS' by redesigning icons (I am not a big fan of these new icons) and generally changing the design. Thats the problem to me, Apple have been concentrating on design so much, they have forgotten everything else. I know design is an important part of any OS, but it seems that all the new features I was expecting to see weren't there. I was expecting Apple to completely change iOS. I guess I might have been expecting too much, but I think Apple did let themselves down a bit with iOS 7. I have not actually had the chance to use iOS 7 yet, so maybe I will be pleasantly surprised.....who knows?

By the way, heres the link to the page showing you iOS 7: http://www.apple.com/ios/ios7/

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