So, as you guys know, I am hoping to review Nokia's WIndows Phone handsets: The Nokia Lumia 1020 and the Nokia Lumia 920, both of which are high - end Windows Phone 8 Devices. This brought me to write this post on my thoughts on the Windows Phone Interface and OS. By the way, I currently own a HTC 7 Mozart running Windows Phone 7.8 OS. 

What I love about the WIndows Phone Interface is how clean in design, easy to use and modern it is. Other OS', such as Android Kit - Kat, can't compare to it. The start screen provides you with everything you need to access quickly and the app list provides you with the apps you use less but still use. It is simple yet genious. 

Of course, when you ask someone why they don't have a WIndows Phone Device, they will say 'The Marketplace', and, to a certain extent, I agree. The Marketplace has plenty of apps, but is slightly lacking in the most popular apps. This, of course, is a big disadvantage to the OS and is a reason for someone not to buy a WIndows Phone. I think, what Microsoft need to do, is to change the proccess, so more app developers can create apps easily for Windows Phone. That being said, there is still plenty of apps which are on WIndows Phone and are popular, such as Facebook and Twitter. 

Overall, I always have been a Windows Phone user and will always remain one. Hopefully, they will fix the app creating process so more popular apps are available, but I'm still loving WIndows Phone!


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